The act of transforming, or the state of being transformed; change of form or condition. A change in disposition, heart, character, or the like; conversion.

My mission is transformation. There is no means to an end with health and fitness. It is a way of life. I see the potential in my clients and coach them to an optimum level of fitness through balance. I strongly believe that success and general feeling of well-being start with our self-perception. Most of my clients are busy, working professionals who have lives outside of the gym. It is important they learn to balance all aspect of their lives and to not forget about their own health. I need to be clear however, that the fitness lifestyle is for everyone, including busy professionals. A few hours in the gym each week is not what I want for myself or my clients. This is not an easy lifestyle to make your own, as it takes work and willpower.

On the other hand, if you are motivated to change your life the correct way through optimizing physical and mental health, by means of fitness and nutrition. I assure you that training with me will be a decision you will never regret!